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Medical negligence compensation claims in the UK

Problems resulting from Anesthesia

Injury caused by Anaesthesia

The term Anaesthesia refers to a loss of consciousness or feeling brought about by the careful administration of drugs enabling surgical procedures to be carried out.

The drugs are usually administered by way of injection but can also be given via a mask.

There are two types of Anaesthesia:

  • General Anaesthetic - The patient is completely unconscious (for the duration of a procedure) and wakes up after the operation has been carried out.
  • Local Anaesthetic - Here the patient is conscious throughout the procedure but the specific area being operated on is effectively numbed enabling the operation to be carried out painlessly.  MORE ABOUT NEGLIGENCE BELOW:

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"Awareness" is a serious complication of anaesthesia and whilst it is said to affect less than 1% of patients undergoing surgery, the experience can be horrific and trauma inducing.

Many cases go unreported because patients are so severely traumatised and may have a fear of not being believed. 

Awareness in this context causes feelings of pain, fear and distress and can lead to post traumatic stress disorder. The patient may be able to recall events or conversations that occurred during the surgery.

Patients should be constantly monitored during their anaesthetised state and any imbalance must be dealt with. 

Negligence can often occur as a result of poor expertise or experience, faulty equipment or a lack of knowledge about a patient's history.

To avoid any problems the surgical team should:

  1. Check the patient's medical notes thoroughly
  2. Administer adequate premedication.
  3. Check all equipment regularly for faults
  4. Have the required expertise
  5. Adequately monitor the patient at all times during the procedure
  6. Check the content and dosage of the drugs administered.

Any patient that suffers from "awareness" during surgery may have a claim for medical negligence. Please make an enquiry with us today and we shall advise you of your rights to claim compensation.

If you feel that you or a member of your family have been the victim of such negligence please contact us immediately for legal advice. You may be entitled to claim compensation damages.

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