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Medical negligence compensation claims in the UK

Brain injury cases - clinical negligence claims

Brain Injury - Types of claim

The term brain injury covers a wide range of injuries from minor bumps through to severe injuries.

Most head injuries are minor resulting in nausea, some dizziness and occasionally a brief period of unconsciousness. Some injuries result in prolonged symptoms and additional problems such as personality disorders or impaired memory but generally recovery prospects are good.

For moderate and severe injuries the recovery will be prolonged. A severe injury may be described as one resulting in a coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) or amnesia. A person who remains in a coma for a prolonged period will be described as being in a "permanent vegetative state".

A brain injury may lead to secondary complications such as swelling or clots which must be managed appropriately to prevent further damage


This is likely to include tests such as monitoring of vital signs, X rays, CAT scanning and blood tests. In some cases surgery will be required.

Potential claims for medical negligence may arise from mismanagement of treatment or failure to treat. There may also be instances of inadequately performed surgery which may lead to further damage being caused.

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