Medical negligence compensation claims in the UK

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Medical negligence compensation claims in the UK

Standard of care - medical negligence

Proving that negligence caused injury or harm

In addition to proving that any standard of care was breached, you must also prove that any negligence caused an injury or otherwise harmed the patient. Proving this link is known as establishing causation.

 It may be that the injury would have happened regardless of any breach of care and in such cases there will not be a claim.

 It must be shown that on the balance of probabilities the breach caused the loss which means that it is more likely than not that the act of negligence caused their injuries.

 If you think that you may have been the victim of medical negligence, please contact us immediately for a discussion on your case. We deal with medical negligence compensation across England & Wales and our solicitors are approved Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel members.

 This area of law is highly specialised and you must ensure that your legal representative has the appropriate level of expertise.

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