Medical negligence compensation claims in the UK

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Medical negligence compensation claims in the UK

Conditional Fee Agreement (No win No fee)

Making a claim using a conditional fee agreement (CFA)

If you have no prospect of obtaining legal aid you need to know how your costs will be dealt with should you decide to pursue your medical negligence claim.

We have discussed the various options for paying your legal fees in order to pursue a claim. Where public funding is ruled out and there is no other insurance in force to allow you to make your claim, you may be able to obtain "No win no fee" representation.

With a CFA your solicitor agrees not to charge you any basic costs if you lose the claim. There may however be expenses such as doctors fees and admin fees that are necessary to adequately investigate the claim. These may not be recovered if the claim is lost - unless there is insurance to cover the items.

The CFA does not cover your opponents legal fees. For this reason it is vital that you take out an insurance policy to cover you against losing in court - if the case proceeds that far.

CFA's work extremely well for most clients and they provide the bedrock on which the majority of all personal injury claims are now made. They are complex but a good solicitor will explain the procedures involved fully and ensure that you have adequate insurance in place to protect you against a bad day in court.

It has to be pointed out that the vast majority of claims do not reach court but you must always be prepared for a case to reach its ultimate end.

If you feel you have been the victim of a negligent act by a medical professional you should seek legal advice and we will speak to you informally and without charge to determine if your case should proceed. You have nothing to lose in making the call. Please contact us on the telephone number below or complete the enquiry form.

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