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Hospital bosses apologise for failures after man dies from appendicitis

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 11:49 -- martinn

Managers at a Wakefield hospital have admitted that their care of a man who died from appendicitis had not been good enough and have apologised to his family.

John Longmore, 81, died at Pinderfields Hospital eight months after an operation where a surgeon was supposed to remove his appendix but failed to do so. He underwent keyhole surgery at the hospital in August 2009 but, instead of taking out his appendix, the surgeon just removed tissue from the surrounding area leaving him at risk of developing infections. However, despite tests revealing the error, the hospital did not review his condition and in March last year he was re-admitted with acute appendicitis and subsequently died.

Professor Tim Hendra, medical director at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which includes Pinderfields, said that the trust had apologised to Mr Longmore’s family and that it was deeply sorry for the distress. He added: “The care provided to Mr Longmore fell below the high standard that we aim to provide and we are commissioning an external investigation to review the treatment. We will use the findings of the investigation to learn lessons, take any necessary action and respond accordingly.”

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