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Lansley to be sent details of DVT death

Thu, 06/23/2011 - 12:33 -- martinn

The Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is to be sent details of a case involving a woman who died from deep vein thrombosis after being diagnosed with muscular pain.

He will check whether necessary action was taken after the death of Rebecca Cain who suffered a blood clot in her leg in 2009, days after she had gone to an NHS walk-in centre for help. Mrs Cain, from Radford, Nottinghamshire, had gone onto a computer and was convinced that she had DVT but the nurses at the centre insisted that the pain she was suffering was muscular and sent her home.

A Harrogate inquest into her death last November ruled that Rebecca had died because a nurse had missed symptoms of DVT and the coroner, Geoff Fell, asked for a serious case review into what had happened. The inquest heard from Rebecca’s widower, Gareth, who said that his wife was in tears after she had been to the walk-in centre and said that the nurse had “fobbed her off”. Gareth said of the decision to send the case to the Health Secretary: “From my point of view, any further investigation is a good thing. I'm hoping it will have a positive impact.”

The decision means that the Department of Health will now review all the paperwork in the case and Andrew Lansley will either write to the coroner to say he is satisfied or will ask NHS Nottingham City to do more to implement recommendations which followed an independent investigation into the care and treatment that Rebecca Cain received.

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